“Matt took our group of General Managers by storm. Offered more than a two-day leadership conference in less than 2-hours.”
“Matt is an outstanding speaker, the way he captures the attention of the audience is impressive.”
“Matt’s enthusiasm and dedication are there for all to see and he never fails to get results.”
“Within minutes Matt’s incredible energy had our group engaged and actively participating.”
“Audience participation throughout, high energy levels in the auditorium, smooth and timely running, and thoughtful contributions to the discussions during and between the conference sessions.”
“Matt is not only an exceptional public speaker and event facilitator, but also offers deep insight into management challenges and leadership requirements.”
“New, thought provoking, engaging, professional.”
“Matt’s approach was completely different and inspirational.”
“Matt always gets results, inspirational.”
“Matt is one of those rare authentic voices on Change Leadership. No hiding behind elaborate PowerPoint slides, no evasive references to behavioural models and no sugar coating of what needs to be done.”
“If you are looking for someone who will energise, motivate and inspire your team in a fun but challenging way, then Matt Crabtree is your man.”
“The thoroughness and professionalism of Matt was plain to see, he kept it running to time and the energy and pace was incredible.”
“He gets it. Every time. His enthusiasm is infectious.”
“We have seen a significant shift in our sales teams’ motivation and output since the conference”
“His high energy but thoughtful approach is productive and effective.”
“Matt delivered exactly what was required for my Management Team and I have seen positive results immediately from their behaviours.”
“My sales teams sold over twice their daily levels, just in the afternoon after our conference finished that lunchtime!”
“Matt’s presence and presentation were inspirational. I was particularly impressed with how quickly and completely he became familiar with the organisation and its people.”
“Matt is entertaining and energetic but more importantly, challenging and stimulating.”
“Matt spoke at our Global kick off and though he had never worked with us before amazed us with his research, tailoring and ability to connect with our diverse audience. His practical advice helped the audience succeed in a challenging commercial world. He is high energy but with strong business credibility and the feedback on him was universally positive”
“Matt is always well prepared about the organisation and what to deliver to the audience, able to energise, motivate and inspire they team in a fun and challenging way, that immediately calls for a change in attitude and behaviour”


Choosing a keynote speaker is tricky. The big names come with a big price tag, and less well-known speakers may not deliver the goods. Matt brings credibility, fresh ideas and inspiring delivery every time.




You’re holding a conference to share ideas and motivate your team. What you need is someone to hold it all together and keep people engaged. That’s where Matt comes in.




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