Matt designs, facilitates and brings my annual offsite for my team of 500 people in the US to life. He takes the time to really understand my business and is the only external person I would trust with this important event. Our feedback since he has been involved is off the scale.

John Fawcett, CFO, Citizens Bank

The Idea

So you’ve decided to put on a conference with the objective of getting everyone together, sharing some key messages and sprinkling some motivational fairy dust on them so that they leave clicking their heels! Easy right?!?

The Experience

The unfortunate reality is that most people have attended many, many conferences before, know what to expect and typically settle themselves in for the PowerPoint tsunami that usually accompanies these gatherings.

The Alternative

Hiring Matt as your conference host/facilitator is much more than getting someone to tell some gags between each session. He will want to meet with you as early as possible in the development of the agenda, work with all the speakers to create a really engaging delegate journey and generally bring his extensive experience of the good, the bad and the downright ugly of conferences to bear so that you get a real return from your entire investment.