Whilst it is difficult to meet peoples demand on the inflationary used topic of “leadership”, Matt managed to take the group of General Managers by storm. His “no bullshit” approach to get the truth and his heartfelt beliefs across, has struck a chord with everybody in the room. This coupled with a very entertaining and humourous style has turned out to offer more than a day 2 leadership conference in less than 2 hours I can only highly recommend Matt as a speaker that walks his own talk. Worth every penny.

The Challenge

So you’re running an event where you want an outside speaker to bring a different perspective. You’re willing to consider/only have the budget for a ‘non-celebrity’ but you’re worried about allowing an unknown to speak to your audience. You want to be sure that whoever you hire will have credibility, fresh ideas and won’t make you look like a fool in the de-brief session after the conference!

Most importantly you want to know that the impact of whoever you book will last somewhat longer than the afternoon break…

The Topics

Matt speaks about Leadership, Sales, Motivation and Change from the perspective of a practitioner. He has sat where your audience are sitting and understands that flowery slides and academic theory, whilst terribly interesting, are of little use on a wet Wednesday afternoon in a local office with a stacked inbox, series of boring conference calls and a to do list that seems to be breeding of its own accord!

Matt will engage your audience in a discussion about their real world challenges and offer deeply practical and proven solutions to these most mundane of issues. He will do this with energy, humour and a deep respect for those he is privileged to speak to.

The Approach

Of course Matt has a whole bunch of ‘off the shelf’ masterpiece speeches, but he knows that is not what you want – largely because when he was booking speakers, he never did! Typically, Matt will want to spend time with you before your event developing a genuine understanding of your culture, business context and key challenges and opportunities. Only after he has properly absorbed this will he propose a tailored speech for your comment and approval.

This approach ensures that from the very first minute your audience feel that Matt is specifically talking to them. And, if you will have him, Matt can join you for the entire day irrespective of when he’s speaking – he has even been seen putting chairs away afterwards, but for that he charges extra!